Hardware Specifications:
Component list:
Qty.  Reference   Description
  1   U1          FPGA XC6SLX9-2TQG144C
  1   U2          SPI Flash Winbond W25Q32BV
  1   U3          SRAM AS7C34096A-10TIN
  1   U4          Analog Devices AD724
  1   U5          Oscilator 50MHz 5*7
  1   U6          SOT223 ZLDO1117 3.3V Regulator
  1   U7          SOT223 ZLDO1117 1.2V Regulator
  1   J1          Micro USB socket
  1   J2          SD/MMC socket
  1   J3          RCA socket
  2   J4, J5      3.5mm audio socket
  1   J6          DB9 right angle male (Joystick connector)
  1   J7          PS/2 socket
  1   J8          9 pin molex connector 1.25mm right angle male (RGB)
  1   J9          6 pin molex connector 1.25mm straight male (JTAG)
  3   J10-J12     12 pin female header single row
  3   J13-J15     2 pin male header single row
  3   D1-D3       SMD Diode 1N4148, SOD-523
  2   D4-D5       SMD 0805 LEDs (red and green)
  1   T1          BC846 SOT-23 NPN Transistor
  2   Y1-Y2       HC-49UP SMD Crystals (3.58M/4.43M)
  3   L1-L3       SMD 0805 magnetic bead 1k 3A
  4   R1-R4       75 Ohm 0805 Resistor
 11   R5-R15      510 Ohm 0805 Resistor
  3   R16-R18     1K Ohm 0805 Resistor
  6   R19-R24     2K Ohm 0805 Resistor
  8   R25-R32     10K Ohm 0805 Resistor
  1   C1          4.3pF 0805 Capacitor
  3   C2-C4       10nF 0805 Capacitor
 23   C5-C27      100nF 0603 Capacitor
  8   C28-C35     4.7uF 0805 Capacitor
  1   C36         220uF CPOL-0605 Capacitor
Firmware...and other utilities

All software, firmware and bitstreams avaliables for load into FPGA are on McLeod's repository.


User:  guest
Pass:  zxuno

ZX1ROMPACK ROMS.ZX1 Creator / Editor.


Developed by Quest

ZEsarUX v7.0 Official ZX-Uno emulator


Developed by César Hernández Bañó

SDK Radastan for ZX Spectrum / ZX-Uno



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