"X Arcade Joystick" for ZX-Uno - Design by Antonio Jesus Sánchez Bernal (@ajsbernal).
Pictures by Antonio Jesús Sánchez Bernal (@ajsbernal). Link to forum with instructions from autor.

Transparent box for ZX-Uno version 4.1 - @arananet design.
Pictures by @arananet - Link to Arananet

ZX-Uno version 4.1 - 3D Sketch-Up design by Mejias3D.
Snapshots by @Mejias3D

ZX-Uno v4.1
Pictures by @Quest

Prototype Version 2
Pictures by @Haplo

Case ZX-Uno design "Spectrum Style"
Case design and pictures by @Mejias3D

Alternative clon "engendro", big version (black) and small (white)
PCB design and pictures by @Celestinox

Pictures of the 3D printed case, also 3D printed Joy-Key
Case design by @Jepalza, Joy-Key by @Mejias3D

Keyboards with stickers "AV/EN" and "MJ"
Design by @Hark0 and @Mejias3D

First tests on prototype v2

RetroIcod 2016 - Miguel Ángel Rodríguez (mcleod_ideafix) talk
The evolution of 8 bits computer technology and the appearance of the ZX-Uno and other FPGA based designs.

SAM Coupé core testing with the "Defender of the 8 bits" demo
by @zxprojects

Introduction Video ZX-Uno
by @Cutreman de @tvcutre (

Spanish interview to McLeod_Ideafix and Antonio Villena in RetroSevilla 2015
by @Cutreman de @tvcutre (

Prototype video
by @Celestinox

Demo video of Mazinger Z and Ulises 31, with PLAYZXM for ZX-Uno
by @Celestinox

Videos in different formats supported by ZX-Uno:
  1. Monochrome filter comic, 256x192
  2. Monochrome dither 1, 256x192
  3. Monochrome dither 2, 256x192
  4. Grays radastanian, 192x96
  5. Standard color, 256x192
  6. Colors radastanian, 192x96
Link to download files for ZX-Uno (Dropbox)

Working prototype v2 video
by @yombo

Interview on El Mundo del Spectrum Podcast 4x09
By courtesy of / 2016-09-02

Link to the new posted with EMS.

Audio Conference ZX-Uno - Retro Sevilla 2014
By courtesy of / 2014-12-13

MP3 file format on (Spanish)

Retro entre Amigos Podcast (Spanish)

RetroManiac Magazine